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MCT Group has served California credit unions' professional collection needs since 1990.

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Who we are

MCT Group, Inc. is a professional collection agency that exclusively services non-profit credit unions in California. Our decades of experience and careful attention to the constantly changing legal and regulatory environment has made MCT an invaluable asset to many lenders and their collection departments. We focus on intelligent solutions that go beyond simple call or mail volume- we deeply analyze information and assets- in order to service your placements with as much care and consideration as you have for your members and member services.

MCT's thoroughness and experience in legal solutions have helped us become a well respected litigator-- by our clients, the court sytem, sheriffs departments, and even debtors' own legal representation.


We have experience and expertise in the recovery of many financial products. Whether they are deposit accounts, credit cards, deficiency balances, or other loan products, MCT Group, Inc. has a solution for intelligent recovery.

Legal Expertise

When necessary, it is necessary and beneficial to utilize the legal system to enforce the terms of financial contracts. MCT Group follows cases that can potentially affect recoveries for the credit union industry to ensure that our clients and their contracts are enforceable. Our legal representation are highly respected experts, which includes past legal representation now serving in a judgeship position. MCT Group stands behind each case it files and will pay for all up-front costs on behalf of its clients.

Industry Veterans

While the collections industry has a reputation for alarmingly high turnover, the current average tenure for an MCT Group collector is 13 years. Our employees are treated with respect and fairly compensated for their hard work and diligence, significantly above industry averages for these types of challenging positions. This translates directly into improved recovery rates for our clients and a reliability in service that is unique to MCT Group.

How We Collect

MCT Group's rates for recovery are higher than industry averages for credit union collections. For placements that enter litigation, our recovery rates can exceed 25%, where the industry average is 16%.

The training of each MCT employee plays a large role in providing excellent recovery rates for our clients. Each collector is trained in data analysis, leveraging information from professional communications made with the consumer, public and private databases, and other sources, to form a complete picture of an individual's personal and financial situation and their ability repay an obligation at any given time. This, along with all applicable local, state, and federal regulations, informs the frequency of contact, payment sizes, or- in some cases- the need to litigate, with accurately predictive results on repayment outcomes.

We realize that each account placed with us has a different story; we diligently scrutinize each account to find the best approach to ensure fairness, efficiency, and positive recovery outcomes for our clients.

Better Business Bureau

A Rating

MCT Group is one of very few collection agencies that can proudly claim to hold an A rating with the Better Business Bureau. This was accomplished by being dedicated to professionalism and thoroughness in servicing credit unions placed member accounts with respect and fairness.

ACA International

25 Year Member - The Association of Credit and Collection Professionals

ACA International, the Association of Credit and Collection Professionals, is a comprehensive, knowledge-based resource for success in the credit and collection industry. Collections matter and MCT Group monitors and actively works towards improving the collection industry environment.

CA Association of Collectors

25 Year Member - California Association of Collectors

The California Association of Collectors (CAC) is the first organized association of collection professionals in the country and the founding unit of ACA International, the Association of Credit and Collection Professionals. As the largest state unit of credit and collection professionals CAC provides a platform for its members to unite and better the collection industry in California. The legal diligence of MCT Group has resulted in several case law precedents in California, to the benefit of collection professionals.

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